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SSO integration with application deployed on WLS

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edited Jun 5, 2016 8:48AM in JDeveloper and ADF

Hi everyone,

I am using WLS 12.2.1 and OHS 11g. I am trying to add the Oracle Single Sign on, that we use internally for all the authentication and authorization purposes, into my application. I already submitted the Request to the SSO team and have got the required configurations.

I have my WLS on one machine and OHS on another. So, right now, the user logs into OHS, and is redirected to the SSO page, logs in, and then redirected to my application deployed on WLS. The question I am facing is how to determine that a user is already logged in and use the information sent from the SSO server in my application. Right now, when I successfully log into the SSO, I redirect to my application which has a default ADF security thus, I have to login again.

I have looked into the following youtube video. but it was of little help

Any  insights would be very appreciable.

Thanks and Regards.



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