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The Future for Java compiling?

Sergio1234 Member Posts: 33

-From my point of view, java only has one large problem, and that is the nature of the compiler.

I have used the gcj and the Zulu compiler, and they don't all offer ways out of the caveats I find.

-32 bit Java SE only lets you do a -X memsize extention to be so far.  It will only let me use so much ram.

This isn't an issue in 64 bit java.  Should this be enhanced in 32 bit Java?

-The nature of the .class file is too fragile for decompiling.  Even if Java doesn't want to throw

away that kind of .class compiling, aught not the compiler include a second option for

a secured mode of compiling?  Even perhaps if that is a native compiler mode, in the end?

Certainly, since Oracle doesn't even seem to offer  apay product to secure .class

files while still allowing things like reflection and EE introspection?

-What will Java do about this going forward?

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