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Rest Web Service and Client Security

DLopez Member Posts: 278
edited Jul 12, 2016 12:12PM in JDeveloper and ADF


Using JDev 12.2.1

I have been asked to implement Security in my Rest Web Service and Client applications, to allow only to respond to requests that came from my Client App.

I have searching about the topic and found out that are 4 ways to do it, based on:

In my Client App:

- I'm not using weblogic Roles so, if I understand it correctly, using Security Annotations or SecurityContext or Web.xml is out of the question;

The only one left is OWSM Policies.

The way I have created my Client App is not using a RESTful Client and Proxy. Instead I'm using a Web Service Data Control (SOAP / REST) and I can't find a way to implement security in it.

I have separated applications, one for my service and one for my client.

Am I missing something, or am I wrong on what I said previously?

Thanks in advance


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