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How to read SDO_GEOMETRY

limor Member Posts: 38
edited Aug 16, 2016 9:12PM in Node.js


I will create a webserver to fetch geometries out of my oracle database (11g Locator).

I am using node.js 4.4.7.

My query works fine for types NUMBER and VARCHAR!

But in addition I wanna read out SDO_GEOMETRY but if I try this the following error occurs:

NJS-010: unsupported data type in select list

Does it mean that I am not able to fetch SDO_GEOMETRY types in the current version?

The work around woudl be to transform the geometry in another type to read this out...

There exists a function inside the database "sdo2geojson3d" which converts the sdo_geometry to a json ( inside db = clob type). But I only get this as result:

  [ 1315274,

    Lob {

      _readableState: [Object],

      readable: true,

      domain: null,

      _events: [Object],

      _eventsCount: 2,

      _maxListeners: undefined,

      _writableState: [Object],

      writable: true,

      allowHalfOpen: true,

      iLob: [Object] },

    'BuildingGroundSurface' ],

Is there an easy way to read out sdo_geometries?