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WebSocket - channel name cannot be an EL expression

appercel-JavaNet Member Posts: 1
edited Sep 27, 2016 3:27PM in JavaServer Faces

I have investigated the possibilities of the new JSF 2.3 web socket tag and they are quite promising. However I can see that at this moment the channel name cannot be an EL expression, and this limitation has some impacts.

For instance, it's not possible to use a web socket in a composite component and pass the channel name in the form #{cc.attrs.channelName}. It's also not possible to share the channel name between the client and server, using an expression like #{channelManager.someChannel}. After having a look at the socket tag handler and at the JavaScript code, I feel like this limitation is in place in order to make sure that the channel name remains constant, especially in the case where the view is partially re-rendered.

Is this a temporary limitation?

Would it make sense / be possible to allow the usage of an EL expression for the channel name, and specify in the VDL that the name of the channel returned by the EL expression shall remain constant, because otherwise the behavior is unspecified?


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