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Incorrect Expression Language 2.2 validation on Mars

LittlePenguin Member Posts: 11
edited Aug 25, 2016 2:14AM in Enterprise Pack for Eclipse

I have a web project (no EAR project) using JSF 2.1, EL 2.2, Weblogic 12.1.3, Eclipse Mars (OEPE). Validation always shows a warning when using an expression like #{MB.methodWithArguments(argument)} in my xhtml, which is an EL 2.2 valid expression.

The same annoying problem was asked in this discussion some years ago, unanswered and pointing to a misconfiguration of jee project (which is not my case since I have no ear project).

Also exists this question in stackoverflow, also unanswered.

Here you can find the test project. There is a file wich has one expression that shows the warning:

Error parsing '#{MB.methodWithArguments('hi')}': syntax error at position 24, encountered '(', expected '}'



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