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Issues with SkillBuilders Modal Page 2.0.0 and APEX



  • Alexc123
    Alexc123 Member Posts: 2
    edited Oct 6, 2016 4:23AM

    Hi Erick.

    I have same ploblem, so, how you install the new version of the jQuery Colorbox plug-in in your application and make the SkillBuilders Modal Page work with it?


  • Erick Diaz
    Erick Diaz Member Posts: 237 Silver Badge
    edited Oct 6, 2016 10:17AM

    Hi Alexc123,

    In my case the plug-in files are in a Web Server so I just replaced the jquery.colorbox-min.js file on that folder with the most recent one and that resolved the problem for all my applications. But, assuming you are using the files stored in the plug-in definition do this:

    1. Make sure you download the most recent Colorbox jQuery plug-in from (currently 1.6.4) and unzip it.
    2. Go to your Application's Shared Components >> Plug-ins >> SkillBuilders Modal Page (2.0.0)
    3. Under the Files tab, click on the file jquery.colorbox-min.js and Delete it
    4. Back on the Files tab, click Upload Files and select jquery.colorbox-min.js from the location you unzipped the most recent Colorbox files (make sure you select the minified version of the JS file).

    You may or may not encounter other issues as I mentioned above (

    Thank you,


    Scott Wesley
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