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Making "docked" the default behavior

Hi. I could not find in the documentation how to configure oracle help so that by default the
windows are docked. Right now they are undocked forcing the user to click dock button. We want
to force it to be initially docked. This should be a configuration option somewhere but I didn't
see it.


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    Hi Rod,

    It's my understanding that this came in with OHJ 4_1_12. So you need to be using that or later.

    An extract from the readme or classes listing that accompanied that release is:

    public Help(boolean combineBooks,
    boolean useLabelInfo,
    boolean dockedByDefault)
    Creates an instance of the Help object with ICEBrowser as the HTMLBrowser component used for topic display. Each instance of Help is displayed and managed separately. Applications should call this method only once and cache the Help reference for use in subsequent calls.
    combineBooks - if true the help system will show all of the views from the Books added to the help system in one tab panel, if false the help sytem will create a different tab panel for each book
    useLabelInfo - if true the help system uses the author defined label information for display and view merging, if false the help system uses standard Navigator labels
    dockedByDefault - if true the help system displays with the Help Navigator and Topic Window initially docked"

    I've checked the OHJ Guide available from the OTN and like yourself could find no mention of dockedByDefault. I've also looked in the classes listing of the release we are now using (4_1_16) and although it mentions 'Help (xxx, xxx, dockedByDefault)' the description that follows it is just a repeat of the description for the constructor above it, and therefore doesn't explain what 'dockedbydefault' does. FYI...classes listings can be accessed from 'doc\javadoc\index.html' within your ohelp installation folder.

    Hope this is of use.
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