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Invalid action DELETENAMES on this object (U) -- Contact your application administrator

LarryWinkler Member Posts: 12
edited Sep 26, 2016 8:34PM in APEX Discussions

DELETENAMES is a button in the Names region of this page. The goal is to delete a database record from a master table and corresponding records from two child tables. The master table uses ARF/ARP builtins, while the two child tables use PL/SQL for CRUD. The underlying tables now have Cascade Delete defined on the children's foreign key constraint.

CRU processes work (which have both Pl/sql and ARP DML processes). That is, when an Insert button is pushed, all the insert processes fire -- for the master first then for the children. No problems are seen. But, for the D(elete) processes, pressing the DELETENAMES button (which happens to be the only button used to initiate a delete), the above "invalid action" messages appears.

I have not been able to determine the problem, the code seemingly quite simple and obvious.

What might be happening here?

Message was edited by: LarryWinkler to simplify, add updates, and to avoid any confusion as to the question. Hopefully this will spur an answer?

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