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unable to login to em express login with user scott

Bitra Hemanth
Bitra Hemanth Member Posts: 69
edited Nov 23, 2016 12:01PM in General Database Discussions

Hello everyone,

     I am able to login with user SYSTEM in EM Express Login page ( https://localhost:5500/em/login  ) but i am not able to login with scott and hr user in EM Express Login

can anyone give me solution to login with scott and hr login in EM Express login


Best Answer

  • AndrewSayer
    AndrewSayer Member Posts: 13,007 Gold Crown
    edited Sep 29, 2016 1:08PM Answer ✓

    Do SCOTT and HR have the right to connect to EM Express?

    When I google "oracle em express login" I find  as the top hit.  It says


    Do I need any database privileges to use EM Express?

    In order to use EM Express, a database user needs to have been granted the EM_EXPRESS_BASIC or EM_EXPRESS_ALL role.  The DBA role includes both the EM_EXPRESS_BASIC and the EM_EXPRESS_ALL roles.

    EM_EXPRESS_BASIC grants a user read-only privileges, so that the user can view pages but not perform any actions.  EM_EXPRESS_ALL grants a user all privileges required to perform any action in EM Express."




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