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requestValidationFunction - Can this be used for ORDS REST, or is it just for APEX requests?

Mike Totemic
Mike Totemic Member Posts: 12

Should I be able to use the requestValidationFunction feature in the defaults.xml for ORDS REST requests?

I can't get it to work.

entry in defaults.xml :-

<entry key="security.requestValidationFunction">mike.verify_access(p_url => :URL )</entry>

<entry key="security.validationFunctionType">plsql</entry>

Function created in mike schema:-

create or replace function verify_access(p_url varchar2) return boolean is


    return false;

end verify_access;

grant execute on mike.verify_access to public;

I've restarted the glassfish server and the instance_pu.xml pool is correctly configured. I also have PL/SQL gateway installed.

I was expecting every REST request to fail as the function is returning false. However, they all work.

I'm using ORDS version 3.0.7

1) Could you please confirm whether I can use this feature for ORDS REST requests?

2) If I can, what am I doing wrong?

3) If I can't, is there anything else I van use to validate the URL/METHOD for every API request without having to place code in every API request?

Thank you,

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