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OMSS - Change IP Address

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edited Dec 17, 2016 11:09AM in Mobile Security Suite

Hello All,

we have OMSS v-3.0.6 installed in our server,
we want to change the IP address of server if posibile

Trying to guage the impact of the new ip? Any suggestions would be helpful?


Florin Burcea-Oracle


  • StefanP-Oracle
    StefanP-Oracle Posts: 16 Employee
    edited Dec 17, 2016 11:09AM


    A) - If all components:

    Administration console, (msac)

    mobile security notification server, (msns)

    mobile security file manager, (msfm)

    mobile security access server (msas)

    are on the same machine

    and when you installed you used for host name , hostname or FQDN hostname (not IP )

    then it should be nothing more to do, apart from change ip at OS level,

    and change ip in /etc/hosts file record or in DNS record

    B)- If you don't know exactly if used ip or hostname during install

    please check in :

    /opt/oracle/omss/msac/templates/vars.conf (msac)

    /opt/oracle/omss/msns/templates/vars.conf (msns)

    /opt/oracle/omss/msfm/templates/vars.conf (msfm)

    /opt/oracle/omss/msas/templates/vars.conf (msas)

    > if there is only hostname not IP, then A) apply

    C) - if you find in above, ip , then it can be a little more tricky because

    configuration generate some certificates that have subject name linked to old addres

    we will think about some more clues

    (either backup and change vars.conf to have hostname, update /etc/hosts or dns

    and rerun

    or try to reissue ceritificates with new IP like subject name