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java or python? (for big data)

Oracle-user2 Member Posts: 132 Bronze Badge
edited Jan 4, 2017 8:06AM in New To Java

hi experts

looking for some pointers on which is better for big data : java or python? thanks.



  • Unknown
    edited Nov 22, 2016 9:32AM

    looking for some pointers on which is better for big data : java or python? thanks.

    Data should be stored in a database. Neither of those is a database.

  • Jiri.Machotka-Oracle
    Jiri.Machotka-Oracle Member Posts: 5,078
    edited Nov 22, 2016 3:53PM

    Take a look at this opinion poll: How I chose the right programming language for Data Science

    According to its result, the best choice seems to be the R language.

  • morgalr
    morgalr Member Posts: 457
    edited Nov 29, 2016 5:29PM

    If you are really talking about manipulating large datasets, then you need to look at SAS, R is the new up and coming but is still has some "interesting" features that hit you square in the face when large datasets are involved. Also you should learn the programming scripts of the popular databases in your area: PL-SQL for Oracle and MS-SQL for  MS SQL Server.  I work with literally billions of records and datasets comprised of 100's of millions of observations to a few Billion and do so on a daily basis. In my experience you are just not going to get the features and speed you need in Java nor will you get it in Python. BTW: these are considered moderately large data sets and part of our "Big Data Directive" in our company.

    If what you mean by Big Data is thousands up to a few million rows, then pick what you want and what will be most advantageous for your area to be marketable. Java and C# are the hot languages in our area--Pacific Northwest--and there are various scripting for web development namely--the MS development set and Java/Oracle development sets, then you get into LAMP philosophies and etc.

    So if you really are looking for an answer, you'll have to put more thought and effort into your query than "big data" and "Java or Python".

  • Rigoberto
    Rigoberto Member Posts: 27
    edited Jan 4, 2017 8:06AM

    It's hard to find the right answer fast to this short of question. You have to keep in mind what you already know or don't know.

    If you're just starting to learn programming languages, you might have to learn a more suitable programming language than Java or Python for big data. But if you're already familiar with Python and Java and you don't want to start fresh with another programming language, then the answer to your question might be Python. Look at the following link for an idea:

    These links are also helpful:

    Which freaking big data programming language should I use? | InfoWorld

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