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Find server which is servicing the request

User_19BPU Member Posts: 1,086 Blue Ribbon
edited Dec 5, 2016 4:37AM in Java Programming


I have 5 Prod servers which are clustered, hence the request may go to any of the Prod servers based on the load balancing setup, there are cases we found that a particular service say customer service is up and running in server 1,2, 3 but it is down in server 4 & 5. In such case the if request hits either server 4 or 5 , the request is not processed and we are getting an error stating the customer service is down in the respective server logs in this case it is in server 4 logs. Now I want to send an email to respective user via Java application when the service is down in any one of the 5 servers for which the request is send? how I can use the java code to find the request is send to which server? and how I can get the server name/IP address which is not able to service the request because the respective customer service is down.



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