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The Desktop Session window disappears

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I am also trying to use DAX, but I am facing an issue when I start the VM. After clicking the "Start a Desktop Session" for the DAX HOL VM like below, I am asked to put the user id and password.

Screenshot 2016-11-28 15.48.54.png

According the e-mail where I received when I register my account, I put the id and password and it worked fine. It opens a window which is a VNC-like desktop session, but it immediately closes the session somehow.

In addition, nothing happened when I click the "Start an Xterm Session" button.  Does anyone experience the same issue like me? I am currently using Windows 7(OBI), FireFox 45.2.0 and Java 1.8.0_101.

By the way, my account has total five VMs, but I don't know what the differences is. Can you provide me with some pointers?




  • Vtatkar-Oracle
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    edited Dec 9, 2016 8:38PM

    Hi Jeongseob:

    You are using the common Oracle account as an Oracle employee. You share this account with other Oracle Employees. The various VMs indicate their various characteristics: one is an SSM (Silicon Secured Memory) specific VM, another is DAX Developer (with APIs and code examples), the third is with the DAX hands-on-labs presented during OOW and the last one is the latest updated rev of DAX APIs. We didn't kill previous VMs when the new one was created.

    Its very likely that your browser is NOT enable for Java. In any case, we'll need to debug this setup. Send us email by clicking on the Contact Us link at the bottom and we'll get cracking on what it is thats causing this.