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Oracle BI Discoverer Desktop & Administrator - Home1

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edited Dec 11, 2016 10:15AM in ODBC

Oracle BI Discoverer Desktop & Administrator - Home1

Hi there

I have Oracle BI Discoverer Desktop & Administrator installed and configured as my main HOME client on my PC. I have Toad and the TNS file is in the C:\ oracle directory. All works fine using Toad and also Discoverer client too.

the issue I have is that i want to be able to make a connection using Excel to Oracle 11g server, which I can make using Toad. In Control Panel /Admin Tools / Data Sources (ODBC ), I have tried to add a new DSN for connectivity to Oracle via the TNS connection, however the ODBC driver is unavailable.

     Ok, i installed instant client 11gR2, and can now install driver for Oracle ODBC, and can also see my connections via TNS, A simple test, using username/password to Oracle 11g worked too, horray !, however here is the issue. When trying to refresh a table on excel workbook, created on another PC, i get timeouts and errors. Is this because i have Discoverer installed. Can ODBC drivers and Discoverer reside on the same environment.

thanks in advance - hope the above made sense


  • Webtronix
    Webtronix Member Posts: 6 Blue Ribbon
    edited Dec 11, 2016 10:15AM

    ok, I've managed to work this out. Initially I thought that the issue was due to having Discoverer installed along side of Instant Client. This was not the case.

    You can have both installed and they both work hand in hand.

    The reason I had been getting this error was the TNS_NAME.ora file was different to the one I had installed on my machine. In Excel, a table was built against a connection name, which was slightly different to the one in my TNS file, and although I could make a successful connection during test in SYSTEM DSN in ODBC connections window, It failed due to the inconsistancy in the naming between the TNS file connection names.

    let me elaborate.  During the Excel table build by my colleague , the TNS name was 'datalab2' , and in my TNS file, the name was 'datalabs_2' . this inconsistancy meant that it threw an error. the fix was that I created a duplicate TNS connection in the TNS_NAMES.ora file as 'datala2', which meant all my current connections did not need re-configuring, and I could also refresh the excel file shared by my colleague.

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