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RMI through a Firewall

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edited Dec 19, 2016 4:14AM in Java Programming

Hello all,

i read some article that describe and resolve the RMI port problems (the RMI open for a connection a second random port).

Here an example of the article that i have found Java RMI - Two things to remember

The problem is that i have implemented how described into the article (overwrite the RMISocketFactory class), but the result don't resolve the problem.

In others words I have only a call to the createSocket method (with port=2005 that is the port where the rmi ServerSocket is listening) that create two connection at port 2005 and another random port. I don’t have a call to a createSocket with port 0 that I can intercept.

I think that is impossible to remap the second random port to a defined value.

I work in windows with JBuilder.

The thing that “baffles” me is that is strange, that a known problem like this it, has not been resolved in all this year from the java distributors.

What do you think about this?

What is that I fail to see?

Thanks for your time

Best regards


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