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JDK 8 MOOC: From Basic to Advanced

eudriscabrera-JavaNet Member Posts: 214 Bronze Badge

JDK 8 MOOC: Lambdas and Streams Introduction, 2015, was my entry level of Java SE 8 and Functional Programming. Since a little over a year ago, I'm applying Java 8 Idioms to Existing Code and writing new code with Java 8 and Functional Programming in mind. In this way, the JDK 8 MOOC was very useful for me, but parallelism was not widely explained in the course.

If Parallelization was the main driving force behind lambdas, stream API and others, why this topic was not widely explained in the course?.

Besides, few writers in the Java Community are writing about parallelism in Java 8.

Based on my experience, parallelism must be widely explained in next sessions of the JDK 8 MOOC.

Others topics like the new Date and Time API and Oracle Nashorn: A Next-Generation JavaScript Engine for the JVM, need more documentation, tutorials and real world examples. Maybe the Oracle Technology Network can schedule some MOOC or webinar based on these topics.

Best regards

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