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ORA-03111: Break received on communication channel


I have a requirement to access Oracle DB from ASP.Net MVC application. I need to access two different DB's on different servers.

Initially I tried to debug the application by adding reference to ODP.NET4 and I was able to make a connection and able to fetch the data from both the DB's. When I tried to access the same DB's after hosting my application on the IIS, it is throwing  'connections to this server version are no longer supported'  exception at Connection.Open() for the second server DB. Later I added reference to ManagedDataAccess and this time the exception is 'ORA-03111: Break received on communication channel'. With this reference even I'm not able to connection the second server DB in debug mode.

The second DB is of version 10.2. If anyone knows a solution for this, please do respond to this post ASAP.

Thank you in advance.

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