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Where is a good place to hook up with other Java 3D Developers?

Paul Allard
Paul Allard Member Posts: 1
edited Feb 22, 2017 11:46AM in Java 3D

I have not been able to find anyone else to connect with in Java 3D.  Most of the posts on the internet are years old.  None of the posts in the Oracle Java 3D Community have answers and only 2 were replied to, so the open/public Oracle Community does not seem like a good place for connecting with Java 3D developers.  Please tell me I am in error!  Is most of the 3D work done in higher level tools like Blender? Unity?  Maya?  Does most of the Java 3D Community post in the Oracle Proprietary Community or in another Sub-community?  Would you be willing to point me in the right direction?  Thanks. 

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