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Using jms api to process messages

jef_2802 Member Posts: 23
edited Feb 1, 2017 7:30AM in Java Message Service (JMS)


In order to integrate data sent from customer legacy applications in a new business application we will develop in Java a specific treatment to process JMS messages sent.

We will have one simple queue (hosted in an ESB). In terms of design our program will be i think a daemon waiting for messages in the queue.

After the message is retrieved from the JMS queue the processing can be quite long. What's the best technical option to continue reading the queue ? Creating a new thread for each message processing ?

If the program stops or terminates brutally after the message has been retrieved from the queue is the message lost ?

Is there a way to ensure that the message is removed from the queue only after the data have been inserted in target application ?

Thanks a lot

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