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Performance of Pretius Plug-in "Nested Report"

Scott Wesley
Scott Wesley Member Posts: 5,966 Gold Crown
edited Feb 6, 2017 7:01AM in APEX Discussions

Looking with fresh eyes on this plugin for this question

I realised there is a performance issue with this plugin, and I'm wondering if there is a SQL solution without needing to re-write pretius_row_details_ajax in the plugin (I may have prefixed that function name).

Documentation shows you find the nested detail using this syntax


Which then substitutes in the literal values using

v_sql := replace( v_sql, '#'||v_columnNames(i)||'#', v_columnValues(i) );

so the resulting statement in the v$sqlarea will be

where column_id = 12345

Which means it's not using bind variables, and it's going to flood the shared SQL pool

I have logged this concern in the plugin's git repo



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