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Password reset email contains username - any way to remove it?

MH1729 Member Posts: 1
edited Feb 8, 2017 3:02AM in APEX Discussions

In our system, we have a user management page, where administrators can reset users' passwords, and of course they can reset them themselves on the login screen.

At the moment, we are using the APEX_UTIL.RESET_PW(<username>,<message>) function to send out new password emails, which includes both the login name and password.

For compliance reasons, we want to stop sending the username out in these emails, but there doesn't seem to be a way to do this with the RESET_PW function.

Is there a way to modify the RESET_PW function so that it does not include the username?

If not, is there another way to reset a user's password and send an email out to them, with only the password in the message?

Bas de KlerkFranco Soldera


  • Bas de Klerk
    Bas de Klerk Member Posts: 563 Gold Badge
    edited Feb 7, 2017 9:26AM


    I don't think apex provides that functionality....yet (btw you did not mention which apex release you are on which is always info #1 ).

    Have your considered using apex_util.reset_password and then send an email via apex_mail, this way you can customize the mail 100% ?

    From apex >= 5.0 this only works when logged in as an admin user, to implement this on a logon page you need to implement a database job which handles the password reset since the unauthenticated session cannot do that using apex_util.password



  • Marcin Izdebski
    Marcin Izdebski NLMember Posts: 273
    edited Feb 7, 2017 9:37AM

    Try to find the RESET_PW function in a database and modify it according to you needs.

  • Hilary Farrell-Oracle
    Hilary Farrell-Oracle Software Development Senior Manager Dublin, IrelandMember Posts: 2,417 Employee
    edited Feb 7, 2017 11:55AM


    Please note that it is not advisable to modify the APEX installed objects.  Aside from it resulting in your instance being unsupported, it could impact the behaviour of your install, and you'll also lose your changes when you upgrade to the next version of APEX.



    Bas de KlerkFranco Soldera
  • Marcin Izdebski
    Marcin Izdebski NLMember Posts: 273
    edited Feb 8, 2017 3:02AM

    Hi HIlary,

    There is a saying; if you are scarred don't go to the forest ...

    You can register your change and deploy the code every time you upgrade APEX the same way you would deploy your application builds. It's a matter of releases notes. Besides APEX is straight forward application and you are free to modify it to your needs. Personally I don't know Oracle client who has not customised oracle products according to its requirements.



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