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[ora:ojdeploy] Deployment cancelled.

Kiran Sripada
Kiran Sripada Member Posts: 6
edited Apr 6, 2017 11:29AM in JDeveloper and ADF

I'm  creating a new ADFLibrary for a custom application and using  ojdeploy as  build & package tool . During this process,  compilation of project was successful but having issues while packaging into ADFLibrary .OJDeploy task throws following exception .

I'm not sure  on what the status Result: 4 meant a nd how to overcome this issue . Can someone please throw light on this issue

Jdeveloper Studio  Version

[ora:ojdeploy] [9:37:35 AM] Successful compilation: 0 errors, 0 warnings.

[ora:ojdeploy] [09:37:35 AM] Deploying profile...

[ora:ojdeploy] [09:37:35 AM] Deployment cancelled.

[ora:ojdeploy] [09:37:35 AM] ---- Deployment incomplete ----.

[ora:ojdeploy] [09:37:35 AM] Rule=project-has-adf-faces-techscope on MetaClass[ [email protected]1037641e,]

[ora:ojdeploy] [09:37:35 AM] The commonly named resources listed below could cause reusability errors for your consumers.

[ora:ojdeploy] Provide a more unique name for the indicated resources in this project, or start with a different project. You can also use the Validation panel in the profile to ignore the error, and create the jar.

[ora:ojdeploy] fileHandle.jsff

[ora:ojdeploy] (

[ora:ojdeploy] Result: 4

Please suggest

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