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Java 8 in corporate environment how to disable pop up "Do you want to run this application"

andygsp Member Posts: 4
edited Mar 2, 2017 3:38PM in Java 8 Questions

In our corporate environment we are shortly going to be deploying an application (served by Weblogic) which has several Java 1.8 applets on various pages in the application (we previously used Java 1.6 which does not have this pop-up).  As you know Java 1.8 requires users to click Yes when a pop up appears for the first time when running a signed application asking "Do you want to run this application" (and a check-box for disabling future prompts for the applet).

I can understand the need for this on end-user desktops when running apps from the internet.  But in a corporate environment where you already do trust the entire application and all applets and they are all validly signed, this pop-up is confusing and unnecessary and there should be a mechanism to disable this for certain URL's rather than depend on each user to click the checkbox on every screen every time the applet is run.


Surely there is a way to disable this pop-up for corporate application users?  I've searched a lot and have not come up with a solution, though I did see one vague mention of "Java Rich Internet Applications Guide > Security > Deployment Rule Set " but I don't know anything about this.  Even pre-populating the "Exception Site List" via Group Policy does not solve this problem, it still pops up that screen for every applet screen, which is infuriating.  Does anyone know of a way around this problem.  (We are specifically using Java 1.8.0_66-b17 & Windows 7).  Please help.