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Localization update for JDEdward in Colombia - Latest taxes changes

3425972 Member Posts: 1

Hello Guys,

Does anybody knows if Oracle already has the patches or updates for the JD Edwards Colombian localization concerning the latest changes in Taxes as listed below?

All laws below are already in force since January this year.

Ley  1819 -  (Law 1819 ) - 29/Dec/2016  - Latest tributary reform - Income Tax regulations changes ( individuals and legal intities).

Resolucion 068 - ( Resolurtion 068 ) regarding import/export  taxes.

Acuerdo 013 - ( Agreement 013) - Medium Districs - Munipal Laws - Taxes and contribuitions to Medium districs

I would appreciate any information on this issues.


Emanuel Areas de SouzaMorganite South America

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