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ORDS installation process

user2589864 Member Posts: 10


I am in a process to prepare installation steps for ORDS 3 onto an internal oracle cloud environment ( with 100ish PDBs). The database version is 12.1.

According to official ORDS installation guide, the SYS password has to be present during installation. As such, this is challenged by DBAs and members with governing role  about if there is a way to install ORDS into an individual PDB without providing SYS password (or any users' password with SYSDBA privilege).

I have gone through options below without a working solution so far:

1) Due to it is a PDB database, bequeath connection installation doesn't help my situation.

2) Export ORDS schemas as an artifact and import them into new PDB - seems an cumbersome and old fashioned way.

3) Export whole PDB as a template - again even more cumbersome and old fashioned way.

4) Set up a seed PBA with ORDS 3 and use it as template to clone other PBDs. It is going backward as oracle even suggest to uninstall APEX.

Any suggestions.





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