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cannot find MAF in my jdeveloper preference after installing MAF updates several times

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edited Apr 20, 2017 2:03PM in Mobile Application Framework

please i have succeded in unistalling the Oracle JDeveloper  , i now downloaded and intalled using this link

For development with the Oracle Mobile Application Framework (Oracle MAF) - Download Oracle JDeveloper

after installing it following the instructions from the videos and the documentations, i restarted the jdeveloper as instructed , installed my jdk (jdk-8u121-windows-x64), for the last two days i have been going through hell looking for MAF in both the preference pages and new gallery windows, i cant find it any where. and the updates still shows the Mobile Application Framework unchecked , meaning that it was not installed. and please i have done this twice.

i want to also add that it costs me a fortune to install over 300MB file because in my country we use data to browse and i had already download jdeveoper of about 2 gig 2 times making it 4 gig, plus the videos i am yet to download. pls my countries economy i really not surporting what i am doing but i am still persisting bcos i believe in what i am doing but now i will say i am getting frustrted and discouraged about oracle MAF... should i go back to Android studio i was using before.

the worst is i have gone through the net and there is no where this problem was handled and oracle has pore online solutions from other plartorms outside orace, and even in the community i havent seen it handled as well, i mean my problem.

please help me , i ma really putting a large part of my resoucres to do this , i believe there is a way out , thanks.

preference page.PNGnew galery.PNGupdates.PNG