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APEX 5.1.1 Bug When Creating Mobile User Interface to Existing Desktop Application

Erick Diaz
Erick Diaz Member Posts: 237 Silver Badge


Here are the steps to replicate this in

1. Create a new Desktop Application, accept all the defaults and "Create Application".

2. Create a Global Page, Page Number 0 (default).

3. Go to Shared Components >> User Interface Attributes >> Add User Interface.

4. Type: Mobile, leave everything else is as default, and "Create".

Two things happen:

1. The "Footer" region for Mobile was created in the Desktop Global Page (and shows as Invalid Position).

2. The default buttons "MENU" and "LOGOUT" are not created under the "Header" region in the Mobile Global Page (999 by default). However, running the Advisor at the application level (not from the page), there are two warnings related to "Inconsistent references between Dynamic Actions and Buttons":

     a. Button (MENU) has an 'Action' of 'Defined by Dynamic Action', but there is no corresponding Dynamic Action referencing this button.

     b. Button 'Action' is not 'Defined by Dynamic Action', for a button referenced in a Dynamic Action (open panel).

Thank you,


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