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Bogus error with "omp atomic" in a Fortran program

j4nu5 Member Posts: 5

Hi all,

I am seeing some strange behavior of the Oracle Fortran compiler (12.5 and 12.6 beta) with the following code:

module m

   type :: nodeType

      real :: ohhMin, ohhMax

      integer :: cntPart

   end type


   subroutine sub(node, ohh)

      type(nodeType), pointer :: node

      real, intent(in) :: ohh

!$omp atomic

      node%cntPart = node%cntPart + 1

!$omp atomic

      node%ohhMin = min(ohh, node%ohhMin)

   end subroutine

end module

Compiling this with -xopenmp gives me:

  node%ohhMin = min(ohh, node%ohhMin)

"omp_atomic.f90", Line = 17, Column = 19: ERROR: This atomic access has a different type from another that accesses the same memory location.

I'm pretty sure this is a compiler bug. Right? The error goes away if I pull the variables that are being set in the atomic statements out of the derived type and make them stand-alone variables. They're certainly not accessing the same location!

Would be great if this could be fixed for the final 12.6 release of Developer Studio.

Best regards,



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