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To display the data of multiple databases on jsp

singh123 Member Posts: 22
edited Jun 8, 2017 6:02AM in Java Programming

Hello Folks,

I need your help to display the data of multiple databases on jsp.

My requirements is:

To Display total error count of error description of each database server (column wise) on jsp.

like this:

Description DBServer1 DBServer2

Error1           10            22

Error2           20            30

Error3           -               32


In the table of each database having two columns: description and error. but data is dynamic. one database having 2 rows and another database could have 10 rows. so database should be mapped.(error count with description)

My program read a properties file where database server ip is defined and fill a array list with database server ip's. and using a loop over this list size to create db connection and all the tasks.

Java Class code:

  HashMap hm=null;

   public HashMap getHm() {

  return hm;


  public void setHm(HashMap hm) { = hm;


  public  String countErrorData(){

   //String[][] tempArray = null;

  // ReadDBFile();

  hm=new HashMap();

  for (int j=0; j<dbSizeList.size();j++){

  //mdList= new ArrayList();

  //ArrayList errorCountList1= new ArrayList();


  try {  

  String connectionUrl=null;


  connectionUrl = "jdbc:mysql://"+serverurl+":"+Global.myport+"/"+Global.database+"?" +


             conn = DriverManager.getConnection(connectionUrl);


  query="select distinct err as Description,count(error) as TotalErrors from tablename where err!='NA' GROUP by ERR ORDER BY TotalErrors desc";

   try {

  ArrayList errorList= new ArrayList();






  //tempArray = new String[row_count][column_count];

  while (


  hm.put(rs.getString(1), rs.getString(2));




  /*for(int row=0; row < row_count; row++){

      for (int i = z; i <= z; i++) {

      tempArray[row][i] =(String)errorCountList1.get(row);

      System.out.println("tempArray["+row+"]["+i+"]: "+tempArray[row][i]);





  catch(Exception e){



  }catch(Exception e)





  request.setAttribute("row_count", String.valueOf(row_count));

  request.setAttribute("column_count", String.valueOf(column_count));

  request.setAttribute("dbURLList", dbURLList);

  return "success";


jsp code:

  <form id="myForm" method="post">


  String column_count= (String)request.getAttribute("column_count");

  List dbURLList= (List)request.getAttribute("dbURLList");


  <H2 align="center">Error Details</H2>

  <table  border="1" align="center">


  <% for (int i = 0; i < Integer.parseInt(column_count); i++) { %>

  <td>  <%=dbURLList.get(i)%>  </td>

  <% }  %>


  <c:forEach items="${hm}" var="entry">

  <tr><td>  ${entry.key}</td><td>  ${entry.value}</td></tr>




It display the data of last database server and it show in first column of database server column.

  suppose i have 2 database. it is showing like this:

  Description DBServer1      DBServer2

  Error1         1380

  Error2         1500

  Error3          99

  How i deal with this situtaion. should i set the data in a pojo and display the data in row wise. but database server ip is not fix. there may be 2 database or may be 5 database.

  Mapping (description with error count of each database) on jsp is also a issue .

Please advice.



  • rpc1
    rpc1 Member Posts: 1,503
    edited Jun 8, 2017 6:02AM
    It display the data of last database server and it show in first column of database server column.  suppose i have 2 database. it is showing like this:

    Your map value have to be array type for example:

    HashMap<String, String[]>  hm =  new HashMap<String,String[]>();

    The size of String[] have to be equal to dbSizeList.size();

    P.S. using generics is not  a good practice, you have to set type of key and value

    P.S. Don't use scriplet only JSTL and EL

    for example

    ${column_count} instead of


      String column_count= (String)request.getAttribute("column_count");


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