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Style change from SE7 to SE8: now mono-spaced Params and Returns

I am writing my first API.

When I created and viewed my API (via the JavaDoc tool), I was surprised to find that all text in the Parameters and Returns sections seem to be using a 'code' font: monospaced, san serif. This is different from when I mouse-over my code during development in Eclipse Neon (running on SE8, and configured for SE8), where these sections appear (in the popup) with a variable-spaced font, and the words where I have used the {@code} tag can be readily distinguished from the rest of the text which appears with a variable-width font.

As an example, one could look at the following two links, for the method Equals:
Object (Java Platform SE 7 )

Object (Java Platform SE 8 )

Note in particular the way the words 'true' and 'false' in the Returns section in the SE7 API are easy to distinguish, and in the SE8 API, all is fixed-spaced. This is very similar to the difference between what I see when I mouse-over during development, and when I view the generated API via a browser.

Was this change in the style intentional? I would like to be able to distinguish key words and Object names in these sections of the documentation, preferably without resorting to bolding or italicizing. Any suggestions?

Is there a place to voice a suggestion to the creators of the JavaDocs tool to resume using elements of the SE7 style?

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