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Building a Unstructured Supplementary Service Data(USSD) Menus

GhanaApexDeveloper Member Posts: 467 Silver Badge
edited Jul 4, 2017 12:47PM in Node.js

Hi all,

i am trying to building an Unstructured Supplementary Service Data(USSD) where users can interact with a service via a Mobile Network Operator Gateway using Node js and PL/SQL to build menus.



I Let's say I have a ussd application to provide the following contrived services from this Menu:

 1 - get free joke 2 - register for paid joke (ie 10 jokes/day) 3 - get balance for paid joke (remaining ) 

Under 1 I have other options like categories :

1 - satire 2 - nerdy 3 - explicit 

Under 2 I could have options like:

1 - tumblr 2 - yahoo 3 - hotmail 

Under 2-1 for example it can show payment options like :

1 - paypal 2 - stipe 

Then under 2-1-1 , it can ask for email, then password or so etc.

This can get other nested structure where some payment method are enabled for some vendors or not etc.

I want pointers if possible on how to start.

Thank you.


  • danmcghan-Oracle
    danmcghan-Oracle Member Posts: 43 Employee
    edited Jul 4, 2017 12:47PM

    Hi GhanaApexDeveloper,

    Your question isn't specific enough as is. Are you looking for help figuring out the best way to store the data (how to organize the tables and relationships)? Or how to deliver the data in a Node.js API? Or how to render the menu in a web application (if so, which front-end technology)?