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APEX 5 Forms

JBVanHorn Member Posts: 2
edited Jul 19, 2017 5:13PM in APEX Discussions

Hello, I am fairly new at APEX so please forgive me if you need clarification.

I am looking for a way to create a form in APEX 5 that is similar to a tabular form. We want to enter multiple rows of data (click add new row) at the same time for multiple entries. We love how APEX creates the tabular form. It will allow our people to go in and add as many rows of data say 7 rows all at once and enter a different date for each one then data for the form fields. However, there is not a report that you can create that will allow you to edit this data that entered into the tabular form.

Is there a way to create a form similar to a tabular form, but on a report in which you can edit the entries after applying the data?

Here is the issue: We have coordinators that will go in and add as many rows as there are people on their team. Then because we have multiple reports we usually open one report and add data to the form. Then open another report and add data to the form. This is why we like the tabular forms. Adding data for one person/item at a time can be very cumbersome to do. Again which is why we like the tabular forms.

Do anyone know a way to achieve this?





  • Rotan
    Rotan Member Posts: 119
    edited Jul 18, 2017 5:53PM

    Hi Joe ,

    If my understanding is correct,

    -- You are trying to build a report on a table

    -- Report Should be in Tabluar Format

    -- You should be able to edit the report data

    -- You should be allowed to add new data to the underlying table. (Create new row )

    If it is so, You can create a Database Application in APEX.

    In the 'Create Page' - select 'Form' and then 'Form on a Table with Report'

    The rest steps will be self explanatory in the next pages....

    You can get the details in below link with Screenshots.

    Check the Section , "Creating a Database Application"

    Hope this helps....


  • JBVanHorn
    JBVanHorn Member Posts: 2
    edited Jul 19, 2017 5:13PM

    Rotan, thank you for your answer. Let me clarify a little bit. I have an application that has a tabular form in it. I did not realize that a tabular form didn't work like a form on a table with report. I want a form that acts similar to a tabular form, but allows me to go to a report and edit the data directly.

    We like the functionality of the tabular form where someone can click "Add new row" and it pops up a new row for data entry. That's what we want our form to do. The reason is we are track employee statistics. A manage will open a report of say documents they processed. Say the tabular form has 20 fields to put data in it. So we click "add new row" 6 times to create a row for each employee. Then when the manager opens the report they can go in and add the documents processed on the report to each of the 6 associates. Close the report, and open the next one and repeat.

    What we are really trying to do is create the easiest way to input data for multiple rows at once. If we do a traditional form it only allows one entry at a time. If we needed to go back to that entry and modify it, the manager would have to go to the report, find the entry, click edit, then save any changes. Way to cumbersome to do. That why we want the ability to add multiple rows at once on a form with a report. Not a tabular form where it saves all the data in the tabular form it's self. In fact I have a where clause in the SQL that will only show the data in the tabular form for the CURRENT_DATE since managers will go in an add stats daily to each employee.

    I hope that clarifies.


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