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Getting EnvironmentFailureException after deleting/recreating the env folder.


I am running into below exception :

This environment's log file has no root. Since the root is the first entry written into a log at environment creation, this should only happen if the initial creation of the environment was never checkpointed or synced. Please move aside the existing log files to allow the creation of a new environment LOG_INTEGRITY: Log information is incorrect, problem is likely persistent. Environment is invalid and must be closed.

Below is my use case.

During initialization of my application  I am trying to validate bk db by creating an env folder and inserting a test entry in berkeley db.

In case if that fails I am closing the store and the env , deleting the env folder , recreating the folder and try inserting the test entry again.

Basically I am trying to validate twice before turning berkeley db off. I am running into this exception when trying to insert into bk db the second time.

I went through the thread : Environment is invalid and must be closed (after upgrading to 4.1.7)  but couldn't relate to my use case.



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