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How to deploy REST services in GF4.1 + ADFE

Jose Aróstegui
Jose Aróstegui Member Posts: 1,300 Silver Badge

Hi experts,

I have a running application in Production, deployed in Glassfish Server, using ADF Essentials

I have the requirements of publish some Rest services, so I've followed Ashish Awasthi's Blog: Create REST Web Service with Application Module declaratively in ADF 12.2.1 – Ashish Awasthi's Blog (Jdev/ADF) 

...and it works fine.

I have my ADF application (ViewController + Model Projects) and now, I have an extra Web Project using a new AM that have a Rest service configured.

The sample works fine in Weblogic... I have my current URL working plus a new URL that serves the Json content.

My problem is that I cannot deploy to Glassfish, as I don't know what changes need to be done in the deployment descriptors.

Any guidance on it?


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