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Oracle Data Mining and Oracle Text licensing.

rtiran Member Posts: 74 Bronze Badge
edited Sep 27, 2017 3:48AM in Machine Learning

Hi all,

is anybody aware of a change in licensing regarding text clustering with CTX_CLS?

It relies on ODM under the cover but it used to not require ODM licensing.

It was clearly mentioned on documentation up to version 11.2 - see paragraph "Oracle Data Mining and Oracle Text" at

"Oracle Text is a technology included in the base functionality offered by Oracle Database. Oracle Text uses internal components of Oracle Data Mining to provide some data mining capabilities.

Oracle Data Mining is an option of the Enterprise Edition of Oracle Database. To use Oracle Data Mining, you must have a license for the Data Mining option. To use Oracle Text and its data mining capabilities, you do not need to license the Data Mining option."

Unfortunately, that sentence disappeared from 12c documentation and I find the new formulation completely unclear.

Has somebody already discussed that point with a sales representative or LMS?

Let me know.



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