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Oracle Data Miner installation error - SQL developer 17.3

rraghavus Member Posts: 1
edited October 2017 in Machine Learning


I am trying to install Data miner on oracle Oracle Database 12c ( on windows 10 with SQL developer 17.3. while creating the repository, I received the following errors:

SEVERE 371 59 oracle.dmt.dataminer.runner.RunItem$RunTimerTask Unmonitorable Exception encountered

SEVERE 367 0 oracle.dmt.dataminer.runner.RunItem RunItem: unable to read repository config table.

but on completion of the process, I received message " PL/SQL Procedure completed Successfully".

Now, I have tried to open the repository (by expanding the connection), it doesn't open at all, neither any error pops-up.

Other way I tried to install from command prompt using sys account, it completed succesful, but when trying to connect on sql-developer - Data Miner view- the following error pops-up

"This connection cannot be used for Data Mining because it is configured as a SYSDBA, or ODMRSYS connection."

Please help in resolving this issue.




  • Mark Kelly-Oracle
    Mark Kelly-Oracle Member Posts: 686
    edited October 2017


    We can not recreate your issue. Are you installing ODMr repository on a container db or non-container db? If you are installing on a container db you must install the repository as a local user in a container. And the connections to the db must be specified correctly so they map to the container.

    Thx, Mark

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