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Are you preparing for Java Certification ? Well good news for you


Are you preparing for Java Certification ? well good news for you, because you can train and test yourself using the links below.

Java 7 OCA Declarations and Access Control

Java 7 OCA Object Orientation

Java 7 OCA Assignmenets

Java 7 OCA Operators

Java 7 OCA Working with Strings- Arrays- and ArrayLists

Java 7 OCA Flow Control and Exceptions

Java 7 OCP Assertions and Java 7 Exceptions

Java 7 OCP String Processing, Data Formatting, Resource Bundle

Java 7 OCP IO and NIO

Java 7 OCP Advanced OO and Design Patterns

Java 7 OCP Generics and Collections

Java 7 OCP Inner Classes

Java 7 OCP Threads

After you’re done taking a test, tell us below what was your score.

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