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Java Puzzle Ball MOOC

OTG-467455 Member Posts: 506 Bronze Badge
edited Oct 31, 2017 1:31AM in Java Puzzle Ball

Tried to find the requirements specification for the platform to use while doing the Java Puzzle Ball MOOC.

Preparation before the course would mean one could get off to a flying start.

Nothing on the course page until 1st November.

Is this MOOK run on an Oracle Linux VM?

Any setup required?

Will this MOOK cover Java 8 or 9?


Best Answer

  • NickR2600-Oracle
    NickR2600-Oracle Member Posts: 530 Employee
    edited Oct 30, 2017 2:53PM Answer ✓

    Hi OTG,

         Glad to have you in class. Don't worry, the setup is minimal. You'll need Oracle JDK 8 or higher, along with a suitable IDE (like NetBeans 8 or higher). There's no special Oracle Linux VM or anything like that.

         Java Puzzle Ball was originally published to run on Java 8.  I did a little work recently to make it compatible with Java 9: Java Puzzle Ball with JRE 9