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NXP J3D081 GlobalPlatformPro LOAD failed: 0x6A80

edited Dec 12, 2017 4:15AM in Java Card

I have been programming other smartcards and am trying to move the software to a Javacard V3.0.1. I installed Eclipse,  Java Card Classic Development Kit 3.0.5u1 plus the Eclipse addin. I loaded the demonstration samples and was able to run, using the emulator, the Helloworld program. I then tried to download the created CAP file to a NXP J3D081 card which is V3.0.1 compliant. It got the above error. Speaking to the GlobalPlatformPro developer told me that the .cap file was the wrong version for the card. I then downloaded GPShell which happened to have a HelloWord.cap file with it. I then ran GlobalPlatformPro to download that to the card and it worked.

What am I missing? Does V3.0.5 of the SDK produce .cap files that are 3.0.1 compatible? Is there something more I need to do? Thanks for any help?


  • patrick.vh-Oracle
    patrick.vh-Oracle Member Posts: 18 Employee
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    If you use the Java Card Classic Development Kit 3.0.5 to convert your application, it will by default assume that you're using the 3.0.5 API in your application and create a CAP file importing packages containing classes as defined in 3.0.5.

    Then, when loading this CAP on a 3.0.1 card, the linker will detect that your application is importing package versions as defined in 3.0.5 and potentially using classes/methods that didn't exist earlier in 3.0.1.

    In your case, you have to specify that you're targeting a 3.0.1 platform. To do so, you can either use the 3.0.1 dev-kit, or still use the 3.0.5 development kit, but provide the export files from 3.0.1 or even better the export files provided by the card vendor. In the eclipse plug-in, I recommend to create and configure a specific Platform that can be used for this purpose and still keep the default one for 3.0.5

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