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Mass Deploy Java - Multiple Sites - Domain Controllers - PCs


I am not sure if I am in the right location, but I am trying to figure out a solution.


This is for an education entity.

There is 3 separate location sites (no VPN)

Each site has (2) domain controllers + 1-3 additional servers

Each site has approximately 300 PCs (combination of ~85% desktops and ~15% laptops)


Approx. 12 Servers, 700 client PCs (All Dell - different models)


All servers run Windows Server 2012 R2

98% of PCs run Windows 7 64bit

Active Directory is involved on ~90% of PC clients.


I've noticed several Java tools for deployment and looking for the optimal solution / documentation / instructions.

Need to be able to manage Java Deployments via central location (or 3 separate central locations - ie Domain Controllers)

Updated Java versions need to be silent (ie. no end user interaction) - additionally, need to disable "Check for updates" or any "Pop-up messages" - this will kick students out of testing resources.

Need to mass remove old versions of Java as needed.

Need to be able to prevent client PCs from automatically checking for updates and installing.


I noticed some solutions, seen some tools, and some abilities through group policies.

Any thoughts or optimal solution or recommendations?


P.S. if this is in the incorrect forum, please move.

Thank you,



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