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Running multiple oats scripts at a time - Is it possible?

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Running multiple oats scripts at a time - Is it possible?

Hello folks,

Lately, I have this requirement to run multiple scripts at a time in my project. I have searched extensively in the internet for a solution, but was unsuccessful in finding so. Could you please help answer these questions.

1. Is it possible to run multiple oats scripts at a time?

2. If not, did anyone of you achieve the task of parallelism by working on any specific architecture? Like communicating the scripts to different computer systems so that multiple systems can run distinct scripts at a time.

3. I heard that selenium scripts can be operated from oats as well. As selenium generally supports running multiple scripts at a time, can we obtain such a target of running multiple scripts(distinct flows on different browser tabs) at a time by using selenium from oats?

Please respond if you have an answer to any of the above questions. Any wisdom on any of the above concerns is most welcomed.

Best Regards,



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