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SQLcl.exe giving Java error Exception in thread "main" java.lang.UnsatisfiedLinkError: Could not loa



  • Gary Graham-Oracle
    Gary Graham-Oracle Member Posts: 3,256 Bronze Crown
    edited Jan 31, 2018 4:26PM

    Oh, sorry, I forgot about a prior forum discussion on that problem.  If you just run sql.bat from the command line you will see...

    C:\Program Files\sqlcl\bin>sql.batEnvironment variable echo on not definedThe syntax of the command is incorrect.

    That other discussion describes in detail a fix for that issue (and others) with the bat file...

    Errors in sql.bat

    As for the Modified Date of the sql.exe changing after running it, I do not see that happen on my system. Most likely something "special" going on in your environment.

  • MayhemXTC
    MayhemXTC Member Posts: 1 Green Ribbon
    edited Aug 17, 2018 7:18AM

    I found that this was caused in my env by /tmp being secured and not having execute permission. I resolved this (for me) by setting the tmp location to a different directory (my preference was within the current directory).

    I did this by editing the the sql binary (sqlcl/bin/sql) in two places :


    function setupArgs {


    # Standard JVM options which are always used


    AddVMOption -Djava.awt.headless=true

    AddVMOption -Dapple.awt.UIElement=true

    AddVMOption -Xss10M

    AddVMOption -Djava.io.tmpdir=$TMPDIR


    SECONDLY, right at the bottom of the file:




    if [ ! -d $TMPDIR ]; then

      mkdir $TMPDIR






    This had me stumped for a while, so I hope its helpful to someone