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OJ Combobox not showing label value when its value is set via observable

Parupally Srikanth
Parupally Srikanth Member Posts: 35 Red Ribbon
edited Feb 28, 2018 2:11AM in Oracle JET

Hi ,

I am using JET V4.0 and we are using a single page for CREATE and EDIT purposes. This page is having a combo box which has its values sourced from a REST service.

    <oj-combobox-one id="OrgSelectCombobox1" value="{{EmailSelectedValue}}"

                                              style="max-width:10em"  >

In the CREATE mode, its working fine as the field would be blank and user can select one of the value.

Here we have tied an observable variable to the value property of the <oj-combo-box> component. We are using this variable value to save to the DB.

CREATE mode :


However when in EDIT mode we are setting the observable value to the required ID, hoping that the corresponding human readable text  would be displayed.

However it still shows a numerical value. ( not the label value. )  This is not expected since we want to see user understandable value, but not the id.

EDIT mode :


Any help is highly appreciated.