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log file initialization after db_dump/db_load

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edited Aug 6, 2006 4:15PM in Berkeley DB

I have the need to db_dump/db_load a large customer database in their production environment. According to the documentation on "Log File Limits", after running db_dump/db_load, I should remove all log files and restart my application. The problem I have is my application has a check to insure that at least 1 log file exists. I cannot make changes to the application in the customers environment and cannot get a release into their environment in time to fix this issue. I have experimented with "touch log.0000000001" and this appears to work. My application starts normally and after some period of activity I can see, via db_printlog, normal activity in the log file. Is this an acceptable way to "initialize" the log file?

I am using Berkeley DB version 4.1.25 running on Solaris 9.



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    The code will do the right thing if the first log file is empty. That is it will write a proper log file header and go on from there. Since the system must be able to recovery even if we fail just after creating a log file, it seems like this should continue to work.

    Michael Ubell
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