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Struts 1 to Struts 2 migration tools

I have a large STRUTS 1.3 application requiring upgrade to STRUTS 2.  I have done much searching (in the oracle community and in google) looking for any tools available to minimise the amount of application remediation required to move to the new framework.  So far, all I have come up with is the Struts 1 Plugin which "allows use of existing Struts 1 Actions and Action Forms in Struts 2 applications", however, "it does not allow Struts1 tag libraries to be used in JSPs".  I have 2 questions.  1) Does the plugin cause any significant performance degradation and 2) Is anyone aware of any tools that would assist in the remediation of tags in JSPs?  I am not an experienced Java/Struts person but have been asked to look for alternatives for the large development project. Any assistance/advice would be greatly appreciated before I have to go and seek major funding for a massive manual task.  Surprisingly, I did find MS tools for converting Java/Struts applications to .net.

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