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ODPI-C 2.2 is available on GitHuB

ODPI-C 2.2 - the Oracle Database Programming Interface for C - is now available on GitHub:

ODPI-C is an open source library of C code that simplifies the use of common Oracle Call Interface (OCI) features for Oracle Database drivers and user applications.  It sits on top of OCI and requires Oracle client libraries.

Release announcement:

This release includes:

  • Open statements and LOBs are tracked and automatically closed when the related connection is closed; this eliminates the need for users of the driver to do so and removes the error "DPI-1054: connection cannot be closed when open statements or LOBs exist".
  • Errors during implicit rollback at connection close are ignored - but if an error does occur, ensure the connection is dropped from the connection pool. This reduces app errors in cases like where a DBA has killed a session.
  • A new, optional, way of including the source code in your projects: embed/dpi.c was added. This simply includes all other source files. You can reliably link with just dpi.c and not have to update your projects if, and when, new ODPI-C versions have new source files.
  • Many stability fixes, code improvements, new tests, and documentation updates.

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