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Initializing.... state in ojTable and why

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edited Mar 6, 2018 2:48PM in Oracle JET

I am coding a simple view HTML with a "main" table on the left and a subtable on the right.

When one row of the main table is selected, data is fetched from the backend, using the row's id - such data fetched "on demand" as the selection changes populates the sub-table (on the right) - There is just 1 subtable, its content gets replaced as selection changes.

The problem is that sometimes I see the content of the right table (when the page is just loaded, so no row has been selected) as

<HEADER1>, <HEADER2>, ...


other times I see

<HEADER1>, <HEADER2>, ...

No data to display

When the latter happens, it's fine: when I will select the row of the main table, I will see the other populated

When the former happens, no data will ever be showed in the sub-table ever (even if the back-end is called and data is processed by the viewModel). I have to press F5 again and again until it goes away. Roughly, 3/4 of the times is 'No data to display'

Could anyone explain what these statuses mean and what they imply in terms of underlying data? What is happening to make 'Initializing...' appear instead of 'No data to display' ?

I don't think it's important, but the sub-table is populated in this way:

self.primaryTableSelectionListener = function(event,ui)       {    // update the current ID   doDashboardDetails(CURRENT_ID)} = ko.observableArray();this.ds = new oj.ArrayTableDataSource(,    {idAttribute: 'id'});dataFetched.subscribe(function(tableData) {;}, this, "ps");function doDashboardDetails(CURRENT_ID) {            $.getJSON("/stats/"+CURRENT_ID).            then(function(ep) {                tempArray.push({  ...  });                tempArray.push({  ...  });                tempArray.push({  ...  });                dataFetched.notifySubscribers(tempArray,    "msg");


  • John 'JB' Brock-Oracle
    John 'JB' Brock-Oracle Posts: 2,810 Employee
    edited Mar 6, 2018 2:48PM


    At a very high level, the "Initializing" means that it's trying to get the data still, while the "No data" is shown after the REST call is completed and there is no data returned.

    Usually if the "Initializing" message is shown for an extended period of time, then your REST call has failed for some reason.

    I'm a bit confused about why you are using the publish and subscriber method in this and not the existing event methods that come with the oj-table.  I'm sure that is just my lack of knowledge on what you are trying to do.

    Hope that helps