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Concatenated bar code scan - How to issue "hit enter key press command" after custom java scan manag

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Dear Experts,

My requirement is to "hit enter key press command with in custom java scan manager" when concatenated barcode string is passed to custom Java scan manager and it sets each values to their respective MSCA fields on Sub-inventory transfer MSCA page and move the cursor to the last MSCA field per the last field in Concatenated Barcode and exposing all the fields without user press any enter.

What we developed so far -

  1. Setup custom DFI correctly for From Sub (DFI = 1X), Loc (DFI = 1Y), To Sub (DFI = 2X) and To Loc (DFI = 2Y)
  2. Using Oracle Note  we developed custom Java scan manager that read DFI from the concatenated barcode and set the value appropriately to the MSCA fields.

So here is what sequence of events that is happening on Sub-inventory transfer MSCA page

User open seeded Sub-inventory transfer MSCA page

scan the concatenated barcode using Motorola Symbol hand held wireless scanner

Concatenated bar code string is PX773097867^1XFG^1YA100^2XWIP. Where ^ is custom field separator that java scan manager understand, P, 1X, 1Y and 2X are DFI.

After single scan, Item Num field on sub-inventory transfer MSCA page is set correctly with the value X773097867 but failing to perform following -

- After item num MSCA field is filled with values, rest of the fields on MSCA page are not exposed until user hit the enter key manually.

- after user hit enter manually, From Sub, Loc, To Sub, To Loc MSCA fields still remain BLANK and are not being set at all.

and here is what we want after single scan of the concatenated barcode PX773097867^1XFG^1YA100^2XWIP

Populated Item Number field

expose rest of the fields

set From Sub, Loc and To Sub and To Loc fields.

Cursor move back to Qty number field.

Additionaly, we can't add any control character in the bar code.

Just on a side note :

It works perfect when creating "Receipt" for a PO by scanning a barcode which is concatenation of K1234^PX773097867^5K12 where K is DFI for PO and 1234 is purchase order number; P is DFI for item and X773097867 is part number; 5K is DFI for Release and 12 is Release Num; ^ is field separator so that custom Java scan manger can identify each field individually in the concatenated string. All the fields on PO Receipt MSCA page are set as we want but user still has to hit enter or down arrow keys 3 times to move out of third field on PO Receipt MSCA page which item num in order to expose rest of the fields. We want custom Java scan manager to do that instead of user has to press 3 times enter, enter, enter key to expose rest of the fields in the PO Receipt Page (similarly on Sub-inventory transfer MSCA page).

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